Mind Palace Puzzles

Mind Palace Puzzles

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In collaboration with The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The game is afoot once more, and Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are back to solve criminal mysteries and puzzles alike.

In Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace Puzzles, Dr John Watson shares the great detective's memory-boosting techniques to help you start to think the Sherlock way. As you work your way through Watson's latest selection of his esteemed colleague's cases, Sherlock shares his knowledge of how the human brain works, meaning that you will find your memory skills improving until you too can create your very own Mind Palace!

The book includes more than 100 memory puzzles and classic Sherlock mysteries to solve, all written in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's revered stories.

Book Information:

Binding type                     Paperback

Publisher                          Welbeck Publishing Group

Year published                 2021-03-04

Number of pages             224