Sherlocks Mystery Solving Solution Gin

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This delicious gin with its blend of Victorian florals and spices evokes the 19th Century London of Sherlock Holmes, as he sets out on solving yet another mystery. Sherlock’s love of science and chemistry is exemplified by this colour changing gin, which turns from blue to pink when tonic is added.
Fragrant rosemary and a touch of lavender give way to bergamot and lemon citrus, whilst the finish is underpinned by cinnamon and nutmeg. To solve the mystery of this gin just add to a premium tonic with plenty of ice and let the solution unfold.


It is elementary!


Produced exclusively for the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

221B Baker Street, London NW1 6XE

Availible in two sizes:
20 cl bottle. 40% abv.
50 cl bottle. 40% abv.

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Made in UK.